Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Post and a Pic So You Know We're Still Alive

Howdy folks, sorry about the long time with no news. I seem to have a big lapse this time of year with our anniversary trip and all the birthdays--at least I guess that's my excuse. Anyway, we are all still alive and kickin', including baby #3 (no name yet) and he's not due for another month, so stay tuned for that news, too. We've been really busy 'round these parts and so that makes for lots to report, but little time in which to do it. But for now, here's a few pics from our little train ride last month. We promised Collin a ride on the train if he stayed in Primary all by himself, and that was all it took (that and a few jellybeans in his pocket). He originally made the transition to Primary from Nursery smoothly because I was the chorister in Primary and he could see me sitting right up in front of the room. It wasn't an ideal change for him--I mean, trading snacks, bubbles, and play dough for being in the same room with your mom while she sings like an idiot, not the best, but he did alright. But about a month and a half ago I was released and called as YW Secretary and that was not cool with Collin, but we're over that now and on to other issues.

This is the fam on the New Mexico Rail Runner, they just finished doing the track from Albuquerque to Santa Fe about a year ago (maybe less). We packed a lunch and rode to Santa Fe, played in a park and then rode home, no biggie--unless you're 3 years old and a train FREAK! Collin loved it and of course Jesse and I loved it because Collin was enjoying himself so much. It was $8 and a Saturday morning well spent.