Friday, January 8, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: December Highlights

I'm a freak and won't let my kids watch Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving and it stops after New Year's (same way with Christmas music), so when Collin found out it was Christmas time he jumped for joy because he finally would be able to watch Frosty the Snowman.
The primary had a 'Breakfast with Santa' deal and Collin was brave enough to go and sit on Santa's lap so he could ask for what he wanted for Christmas, and what was it that he wanted, you ask? To borrow Adam's (his cousin) Dinosaur movie that has a carnitore in it.
Our ward Christmas party was 'A Night in Bethlehem' and we all had to dress in 'Bible-time' clothes and 'park our donkeys' outside the west gate and be prepared to sit on the floor to eat our bread and cheese because there most likely wouldn't be room in the inn, etc. It was an elaborate and special program--we were so glad we attended.

Jesse's work had a little dinner party at Quarter's BBQ place and it was a super good time. We have come to really love the guys Jesse works with (and their families, too). Seriously good people. Collin must be going through a growth spurt because he out-ate some of the adults, good thing it was an all-you-can-eat deal.

We had a Christmas Eve shin-dig at our house with all kinds of finger foods, sodas, candies, and baby car seats. Yeah, all of the sisters on my side of the family (minus one) had babies this year so it was Baby's 1st Christmas x four. Made it kind of tough to do games and the Nativity story in between all the diapers and feedings, but we made it through and had a delightful time.
Above: Lisa with Max, Sunni with Carson, Samia with London, Anika with Noah
Below: Lucas and Collin as shepherds

And then there was Christmas...I felt so full of joy I could have popped. Sweet Collin got a bike and was more than thrilled, he rode it around the house the entire day. At one point he stopped in the kitchen to tell me, "Heavenly Father blessed me to have a bike." We enjoyed a simple day together and felt overwhelmingly blessed. The next day we packed up and headed down to Cruces for our 'second Christmas' with Jesse's side of the family. More on that later...