Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My handsome valentine

I could go on and on about how wonderful Jesse is. He continually amazes me with his goodness and yummy-ness. I honestly cannot imagine a better husband or friend. And he's SO handsome too, which "a man ought to be if at all possible" (little quote from Pride and Prejiduce). Anyway, I hadn't intended to make this a Jesse-blog, I was just wanting to put up some Valentine's Day pics. We had heart-shaped toast and eggs for breakfast and heart-shaped tortillas with our enchiladas at dinner. The next morn. when I got Collin up he saw the rose petals I had sprinkled on the stairs and said, "Uh, oh, made a MESS!!" It was pretty funny.

Jesse at breakfast

Another handsome Valentine of mine with his heart-shaped tortilla

Making "pan-kates"

When we get Collin up in the morning and say, "let's go eat breakfast", he responds with, "Yea!!! Make pan-kates"! On weekdays we usually eat just eggs or oatmeal, but on Saturdays, we give into his cute request. He just loves these things. We got started making these kind of pancakes and have never gone back. It's a recipe from my dear friend Cammy Mansell in Ft. Sumner, they're kind of crepe-like thin and yummy!

Collin likes to "help" Papi make pan-kates and pulls a chair up to the island

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

January review

In an effort to keep our readers updated on the year (this blog is meant to replace our yearly letter after all) we're going to post a few pics from last month. Of course, we wouldn't have to do a review if we had just started in January like we intended. Sounds just like us, good start, aye?

Collin going down the slide--tongue out, as usual
We had our traditional Williams family football game while we were all together over the Holidays. Kinda cold, but still very fun. I didn't get many pics of the game, but I sure took plenty of Collin. He and his cousins played on the jungle gym while the "big kids" played football. Lucas just watched all of the action from the side lines in his car seat.

Lucas all bundled up

Another tradition with the Williams family is a get-together with all the girls at Village Inn, no boys allowed :) and everyone comes in their pajamas. Jeremy (Jesse's brother) was married last year and that added the final Williams girl to the bunch. This was the first year with the complete group of sisters, all 6 of us together and it was a whole lot of fun. I can't wait for the next one!

The Williams girls: Anita, Rachel, Cadi, Anika, Rachel, and Bonnie

Here are some more pics of the girls, left to right: Anita, Rachel, and Cadi

On the other side of the table: Me, Rachel, and Bonnie

While we were visiting the folks, Jesse got pretty handy with the tractor/back-hoe and dug a huge trench for Papa (Jesse's dad) to run his pipes for the well. We had nice weather for a January and spent some time outdoors throwing the football and frisbee. Collin sure had a good time playing in the dirt.

Jesse just-a-digging away

Collin liked to sit with Jesse as he drove

Collin playing in the trench with his cousin Justin