Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just A Few Pictures

Howdy everyone. I'm just putting some pics up--I've been meaning to catch up on the news but you know how that goes. One of these days. For now here's a few shots of our growing little guy. More to come on preschool, family visits, and blessing day.

I set Noah down to change his diaper--I turned around for a few seconds to do something and this is what I find. I hove how sleepy newborns are.

Noah at 3 weeks

Sleeping Noah. Can't get this pic to turn, sorry, you'll have to turn your heads.

6 week old Noah on his blessing day. I'll post more blessing pics soon.


Sibley Saga .... said...


Connie said...

He is really a cutie!

Scott and Michelle Ouderkirk said...

Beautiful baby Noah and Anika you look GORGEOUS!

Robyn Cheney said...

He is beautiful. And you look amazing for being only 6 weeks postpartum. What a cute baby boy. You are making me more anxious to see my own now!! :)