Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Morning Laugh

I told Collin he needed to put his shoes on in order to play outside and was pleased to hear him helping Lucas get his shoes on as well. Usually Collin throws his shoes on and runs outside leaving Lucas holding his shoes crying and begging me to put them on for him, so I thought this was pretty cute. Even cuter was what I saw and heard.
Lucas: "uh oh"
Collin: "it's OK"
Lucas: "kaaaay"..."uh oh"
Collin: "it's OK"
Lucas: "kaaaay"..."uh oh"
And so on...
Then I saw Lucas sort of penguin walking and looking at his feet. Good old Collin had put Lucas' shoes on the wrong feet. Don't know why it tickled me so much, I guess kids do that kind of stuff all the time but their interaction just had me laughing.


Sibley Saga .... said...

Hilarious! Such cute boys.

bahecky said...

Awww!! Love those boys!

Nate Kendra Olsen said...

Love it! I can totally hear the words... so cute